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Archived interview with Mistress Calico from the AllStarDoms.com Domina Interview Forum January 2006

Mistress Calico -You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful and fascinating Mistresses in the scene. Please tell everyone about yourself?
Goddess Evilena - Thank you, that‘s quite a complement. I realize I am a complicated woman, enigmatic and somewhat eccentric so I have difficulty describing myself. More than anything I am union of opposites, athletic yet intellectual, creative yet logical, sadistic but sensitive, deep but also whimsical. I am also a very sensual person in the purest sense of the word, taking great pleasure from the indulgence of all my senses and the control of sensation in others. I think I have achieved a sort of unity between indulging both my mind and my body completely. These elements really broaden my interests as mistress since I enjoy both the mental and physical aspects of domination. I am often very creative in my scenes and enjoy using common household objects in very kinky ways. I love knowing a slave will think about something kinky I did every time he looks at a wooden spoon or a bandanna, especially if he never viewed it as a toy beforehand.
I also have a deep love learning both inside and outside of the realm of domination and I am always open to new experiences and ways of applying my knowledge and expertise. I am very much a multi-faceted multi-talented person and domination is one of the few careers in which I can fully express and use all my talents. For instance with my websites I can be creative with the imagery yet employ my logic skills to programming. I can even apply certain hobbies like creating computer generated imagery and instrumental music into video production. With my gothic orientation I take great joy in costuming for my sessions and videos. There are even times when I just feel a need wind down mentally and work with my hands so I occasional make my own jewelry and kinky toys. It‘s the whole yin yang factor again and I have some admittedly odd and conflicting interests like differential calculus, kickboxing and hypnosis. I think overall I am someone who strives to get the most out of life, to fully indulge my mind and body and I always strive for that unattainable goal of perfection. Life is short, I have led an interesting one so far and I plan to continue along the same path and pack as much learning and experience into that brief flame of existence as possible. I also intend to have plenty of fun and pleasure myself thoroughly along the way. I‘ve done pretty well so far and have even managed to turn most of my tragedies into opportunities for personal growth and development.

Mistress Calico -What are Your favorite places to visit and which are Your least favorite? Do slaves differ in various places?
Goddess Evilena - I love New York it‘s such a dynamic city. Plus I have a personal submissive there and friends and have enjoyed exploring the scene there. In spite of several wonderful submissives, Detroit is my least favorite place to visit. I grew up in Michigan and go back to see family but otherwise I am bored in the Midwest and it‘s too cold. I have noticed some regional differences between slaves but these may be biased. More than anything I see people for hypnodomination in New York and Washington but I‘ve also given hypnosis workshops in New York and my true claim to fame is as a hypnotist. It stands to reason those submissives in large cities would recognize me principally as hypnodomme and want to experience that unique specialty. However Detroiters tend to be more into corporal punishment and other more traditional scene elements like foot worship and golden showers. At home in Florida I see a blend of everything but there seem to be a few more sissies and wrestling slaves and travelers also tend to be more into hypnosis.

Mistress Calico -So what types of play do You specialize in?
Goddess Evilena - I am an expert in Hypnodomination. This specialty allows me to utilize my knowledge of biology and psychology and by combining this knowledge base with an understanding of programing achieve extraordinary sensory manipulation as well as advanced slave training and the more traditional uses of post hypnotic suggestion and triggers. Many of the same principles apply to programming human mind and a computer. The human mind is very much a nonlinear system so my mathematical intuition often assists me in my hypnosis scenes. A good analogy is trying to cut a steak with a butter knife vs a scalpel. Hypnosis like a scalpel produces faster more precise results whereas repetition and punishment still train but more slowly and less precision just as a butter knife will eventually cut a steak with a whole lot more effort and much less precision. As related specialties I include Role-play, Cosplay, Feminization, Human Animal play etc. really any scene that involves visualization or transformation can be significantly enhanced with hypnotic suggestion. My talents with hypnosis have sort of obscured many of my other specialties and I am also excellent with Corporal Punishment and Sensory Domination, Kickboxing and some Submission Wrestling, Trampling and Foot Worship. Although I don‘t know if you‘d call that a specialty, I also enjoy weaving slaves into rope webs and dresses. Humiliation is another one of my specialties especially since it is one of my house boy‘s personal favorites I get alot of practice.

Mistress Calico -What do you think of submissives who claim to have no limits?
Goddess Evilena - Ridiculous, the human body has limits and there is no such thing as a superhuman slave. Reality check here, with no limits, I could maim you, injure you, brainwash or even kill you. You essentially give me permission to apply real hand to hand combat and for instance take you down into a choke hold, thrust my fingers into your eyes sockets and use your eye sockets as leverage points to snap your neck. Anyone stupid enough to consent to that does not deserve my company. Seriously boys, you impress no-one with such claims, they only mark you as inexperienced, unrealistic or mentally unsound, none of which is in any way attractive to an experienced dominant. It also gives you a sort of braggart vibe which is downright ugly in a submissive. Instead of saying no limits, list the types of injury you want to avoid and be specific and explicit. Stress that you are open to any style of female domination, or that you don‘t mind permanent marks or would even appreciate marks. If you are inexperienced and genuinely don‘t know of any limits tell us. Communicate with your mistress, be explicit and don‘t forget that much of a dominants thrill comes from controlling and blending your pleasure and pain. The more we know about you and preferences the more intense the scene will be for both of us. When you say no limits you just appear ignorant or uncommunicative and both mark you as undesirable.

Mistress Calico -What was the rudest request or mail you have gotten from a client?
Goddess Evilena - Recently I had an idiot request to throw pies at me, at least that one was creative. I also get my fair share of obscene and lewd requests for various sexual acts that I will not dignify to put into print. We all know there are losers who confuse sex and BDSM and expect “full service” domination which in my mind is nothing more than sexual submission with a glaze of dominant bravado.

Mistress Calico -Do you maintain a stable of personal slaves?
Goddess Evilena - Yes, I have one live in slave and a few personal slaves in other cities. It is rare to find one worthy, I demand absolute devotion, reliability and usefulness and to be useful to me either requires a sharp mind or a fat wallet, unfortunately both attributes are exceedingly rare these days. I do maintain a loose cast system for my slaves, there are admirers, slaves who serve me, slaves who serve me regularly, special slaves and once in a blue moon I collect a personal slave, right now I have 5, my slut, my pawn, my hypnosub, my kitten and the houseboy. Out of all those who have served, worshipped and admired me throughout my life only 5 have been ranked as my personal slaves and only one of those can be my live in domestic slave, although my kitten had me considering a second domestic for a while there. My advice is for you to strive to be considered special by me since this the greatest privilege you can reasonably expect. I already have a pretty full stable and although I can‘t eliminate the possibility of acquiring another personal slave it will be even harder for someone new to join my home stable in future.

Mistress Calico -What is the harshest punishment You have ever given to a slave?
Goddess Evilena - Of course the worst punishment for any slave is dismissal but in terms of scene punishment I think that varies from person to person. Submissives are often very tolerant of one type of pain and not another and some people are much more tormented by humiliation than physical pain. So I‘ll just give you a few examples and let you decide the worst. With hypnosis I‘ve made hot wax feel like lava, punishment with a german billy club, kicking testicles, a three girl high heeled trample, punches and kicks to the head, the boston crab, licking my toilet, bamboo canings, I‘ve also drawn my share of blood and poured salt in the wounds followed by a nice cleansing douse of alcohol and made my slut whimper with a hypnotic suggestion that my shoes were too hot to lick while ordering him to worship my heels.

Mistress Calico -What advice would You give to Mistresses just starting out?
Goddess Evilena - OK before I begin let me just warn slaves that they might not want to read this, some of you boys get a little disturbed when we part our haze of enchantment. First don‘t quit your day job or give up on your education, I sure as hell didn‘t until I was certain I could really have a career as a professional mistress. It takes much more than being a beautiful talented mistress to be a successful prodomme. I have met many amazing women who have failed as professionals or or quit out of frustration and not because of any lack of domination skills or looks. I have also met some successful people who stuck me as neither particularly beautiful nor extraordinarily talented. The exact mix is probably impossible to define but certainly developing a specialty and being a good business woman are parts of it. It also helps if you are in the right place at the right time with the right skills and if you can turn one of your talents into a new style of domination as I did with hypnosis then your chances of achieving success are decent. This is still the entertainment industry and success within it can often be elusive or difficult to define but certainly business acumen is a must.
An independent mistress really has to be able to successfully run and maintain a business. She must do all the things a large business normally hires specialists for on her own. She will need to design promotional materials including her website, maintain her own advertising and other promotional work, wisely invest in equipment and clothing, and if at all possible find additional revenue sources such as video production or toy making for protection against economic downtrends. Recognize before you begin that to be a full time independent professional mistress takes a lot of work and you must have all the business skills necessary to maintain the business aspects in addition to the creative flair needed to be a great mistress. Many professional mistresses make the mistake of relying on slaves too much. Mistresses should delegate tasks to their slaves, but she better know how to do everything yourself always be prepared to complete a task herself if a slave fails you. Slaves fail or prove unreliable more often than not because of either overestimating their abilities or underestimating the amount of work required.
To be successful you must be a jack of all trades, you must be patient to develop a good reputation and above all must always behave with integrity and professionalism. I also recommend diversification. Many successful mistresses later go on to run dungeons, fetish stores, build BDSM equipment or design fetish clothing. Where do you think they learned these skills? If you can‘t do all these things then stick to a vanilla career because you can always stay connected to the community through play parties friends and artisans. As a professional dominatrix you also run a real risk of BDSM burnout which is another factor to consider.
Most prodommes do not become well known for their first few years. Do not expect to even support yourself as a independent dominatrix until you are well established. There are reasons most new mistresses last 3 years or less, it takes real devotion, talent, hard work and putting up with a boatload of assholes for each and every good submissive you find. Don‘t let the glamor fool you, talk with real dommes, we enjoy our smoke and mirrors but most of us will share the pros and cons of professional domination with another mistress. It is a lifestyle that I enjoy but I actually like programming and the other behind the scene elements. For me the glamor and play time I get is an added bonus, it truly is a small fraction of everything I do and many people quit once they experience that.

Mistress Calico -Do You enjoy having Your feet worshiped?
Goddess Evilena - I love having my feet worshipped, especially the inner part of my arch and between my toes. I think the feet are one of the most commonly overlooked erogenous zones. Mine are particularly sensitive, I used to be very ticklish but years of foot worship have transformed that extra sensitivity into pure pleasure. At times the arch of my foot rivals my nipples in terms of sensitivity so if you really do a good job and listen closely you may even hear me purr during foot worship. I also find foot worship just makes me feel regal. There is an ancient ritualistic element of submission to foot cleansing that is utterly transcended when you use your tongue. It is such a deeply intimate form of submission and I can easily add a twist of humiliation by making sure my feet are filthy before you lick them.

Mistress Calico -Please describe Your favorite toys?
Goddess Evilena - What I look for most in my toys is the ability to create a sensation or reaction in a submissive. I use Crystals for hypnosis, violet wands, Riding crops, paddles, rubber bondage strips, whips whips and more whips I even have a light up flogger with interchangeable heads, rope of course, I also use a variety of small sensory toys like metal claws and whartenberg wheels, vacuum beds, leather bondage bags, my smother rope, smother box and a paddle I have shaped like an oar. Canes are wonderful although too intense for many subs. I have the philosophy that just about anything can be turned into a toy with a little creativity and modification and I find it especially kinky to turn common household objects into tools for domination. A good example of this is a metal ice cream scoop, when chilled it‘s great for cupping testicles.

Mistress Calico -And do You also sell videos?
Goddess Evilena - Oh Yes, I produce and sell my DVDs through my video website www.edvd.st(Now Updated to GoddessEvilena.com) I actually produce two very different styles of videos. My hypnosis videos which are designed to hypnotize slaves for distance training. They are quite innovative since I fully utilize digital special effects to enhance the hypnotic effects. The other style are my femdom videos which are more traditional in that they are videos of different BDSM scenes. I do try to produce them in a more unique manner by combining the “fly on the wall” aspect of an unscripted scene with post production editing and effects to enhance the voyeuristic appeal. I film with a simple outline of a scene and it‘s components. Then I set up my cameras and then just play with my slave. I stop filming once I feel the scene is done. As much as possible I try to forget about the cameras and just enjoy myself during filming. The real magic and work comes in during editing. I apply all the same digital editing you would find in a television production to combine all the camera angles and cut or speed up the parts of the scene that are boring to watch. I strive to produce videos that are erotic and entertaining to watch, something you want to watch over and over and not just because your hands are busy. As both a voyeur and a player I realize some things are fun to do but boring to watch so I apply that knowledge to my video editing. I also have a healthy dose of slave input since my houseboy and I work together combining our talents and perspectives on each video.

Mistress Calico -How about personal items?
Goddess Evilena - Of course, I will gladly sell personal items by request. That‘s something people have to email me about, I do expect a personal request for one of my personal items. Besides, I‘m not going to set up individual payment buttons whenever I wear something out or tear a piece of latex. However I am a pack rat so there‘s almost always something I can part with for one of my slaves.

Mistress Calico -Do You also work with crossdressing and sissy slaves?
Goddess Evilena - Yes, one of my personal slaves Forsynthia is a wonderful little slut in training. As a hypnotist this is one of my specialties since hypnosis is an incredibly powerful technique to employ with feminization both for sessions and long term training. Just as a stage hypnotist can make a guy think he‘s a girl I can make my sissy‘s feel like they‘re really women. This transformation can be extended to more permanent changes as well such as redistribution of body fat into more feminine proportions and conditioning of feminine habits. With transsexuals I would almost require hypnosis to replace male childhood conditioning with more feminine counterparts. It takes more than hormones and surgery to produce a sex change and hypnosis accelerates the supporting behavioral changes and can develop feminine attributes and habits much more quickly. It also takes practice to make a good slut and hypnosis makes it easier for boys to be girls and makes that feminine behavior occur much more naturally. I think part of it is just tapping into all the subconscious observations we make about people. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly what seems masculine or effeminate but you know it when you see it. Hypnosis allows my sluts to tap into that subconscious knowledge base and apply it to themselves to act more feminine. I certainly don‘t require hypnosis for my sluts but I always recommend it.

Mistress Calico -And do You enjoy humiliating Your slaves if they are into that?
Goddess Evilena - Yes, especially if the slave shows it. I love making my slave boys blush. When I see a slave has a strong interest in humiliation I like to dig into their filthy little minds. Of course golden showers are humiliating, as is spitting or ashtray servitude but I often enjoy adding in something unique. Something that perhaps no-one else would find humiliating it could be as simple as a childhood nickname or as complex as forcing a slave to relive an embarrassing moment. For some boys even buying a pack of tampons for a mistress is humiliating. I can also enhance the feeling of humiliation with hypnosis for example by turning certain degrading names like pig and worm into triggers for humiliation or making a slave relive a humiliating experience. I can also make a slave think or act in really stupid ways with various post hypnotic suggestions and just laugh at their antics. Many stage hypnosis performances have elements of humiliation in them and can be great sources for ideas.

Mistress Calico -What is one thing thing that angers you about the scene?
Goddess Evilena - POSERS both domme and sub, either cheapen the community. These are the people who most often are a little kinky but mostly interested in selling or receiving sex. Eroticism and sensuality are something related but separate and BDSM is all about eroticism and sensuality. Within this category you can also include the actresses who play the part of a dominatrix. Yes they are better than kinky whores but really don‘t belong in the scene. It always disturbs me to hear a submissive comment with surprise on the fact that I genuinely enjoy our session time. It especially saddens me when it comes from a dungeon slut because I know he has seen many dominatrixes and found few who truly enjoy their sessions. Slaves who treat submission like roleplay are also annoying but a good mistress can still have good sessions with them. I view posers as the real problem, they cost us money and lead to confusion and disillusionment in submissives and they teach other slaves bad habits. Those of us with a genuine love of BDSM really need to band together as a community and find a way of distinguishing ourselves. Essentially we need a national rallying point of some kind but I‘m not exactly sure how to create one. I have some ideas but everything is so diffuse, especially online it could take years to really establish something like that. Another problem is that every dominant wants to be in charge so establishing leadership protocols is tricky and who amongst us really has the time and energy to devote to something like that. Read 1776 and you‘ll see what I mean, organizing a national community is hard but it is in my opinion it is what we need most.

Mistress Calico -What do you think of online domination?
Goddess Evilena - It depends on how it‘s used. Much of what I‘ve seen as far as chat rooms goes seems pretty silly, typing whap is nothing like a real whip strike. However online chat can be very useful for answering inquiries and message boards can be informative and entertaining. Unfortunately these can also be abused by time wasters, jerks starting false rumors, people trying to initiate catfights between dommes etc. so you do need to use them with some caution. Video conferencing can be wonderful for distance training and webcasting sessions look like fun plus pay sites are a great way for mistresses to indulge their slaves with online content while eliminating free loaders. On the down side you get the spammer fetish sites which generally suck and of course trashy porn sites where you order a so called mistress to do whatever you want to see. However I‘ve been impressed by what I‘ve seen from some independent mistresses and I always encourage the use of technology. Really the only problems arise when idiots, large generic corporations, posers or assholes get involved. That‘s just life you‘re always going to have the good with the bad, however overall I consider it a positive thing and something to be encouraged.

Mistress Calico -What are some things you will not do in a session?
Goddess Evilena - I will not wear a penis so no strappon play. Medical play also turns me off, I have no desire to deal with catheters or large enema bags. Obviously I also forbid anything that would be criminal such as acts of prostitution or a liability risk such as shit eating. Sorry sluts but I can‘t pimp you out no matter how badly you want to suck cock for me.

Mistress Calico -Thank you so much for this interview. Is there anything You would like to add?
Goddess Evilena - There are so many updates and new ideas I‘ve been wanting work on but between hurricane season and travel promotion I haven‘t been able to implement much of anything. I am hoping to really get organized over the next few months and get some of these things up and ready. Now that it‘s winter I will be taking a break from traveling. I will not be leaving Florida again until the rest of the country thaws out. In addition to my live my live South Florida sessions, I will be working on updating my websites as well as adding some new videos and audio recordings. I have also been planning a tech resource site for professional Mistresses but I make no promises on a timeline for that. I‘ve had the idea for it gnawing at my mind for a couple years now. Just wanted to let you know I haven‘t forgotten the need for such a site and still intend to contribute on that end eventually.

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