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Hypnotically Enforced Female Domination

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For serious submissives seeking lifestyle slave training, if you want to explore your fantasies check out my fantasy hypnosis recordings.
Hypnotically Enforced Female Domination recordings are designed to reinforce your submissiveness and prepare you to be a better slave. You will learn to serve all dominant women and to serve us all well. These are not to be confused with my fantasy hypnosis audio recordings that are closer to virtual sessions. Nor are these tracks designed to enslave you specifically to me, I have my General Hypnotic Enslavement audio recording for that. These audio recordings will train you to serve all dominant women, to strengthen your fetishes and increase the pleasure you receive from servitude. I have designed these tracts to contain a somewhat longer induction followed by hypnotic suggestions. Expect the pleasure you receive from serving dominant women and the desire to serve to increase without bounds. Listening to the audio recordings more often will strengthen the suggestions contained with in them. Safeguard commands have been added to some audio tracks for your protection.

The first track of your first audio recording in this series will be an introduction to Female Domination. This track will be tailored to your gender. You must order the initiation track appropriate to your gender to achieve full effectiveness from these recordings. This audio recording serves as an introduction to female domination, hypnosis and acts as a primer for additional training commands. This track is 45 minutes long and both the hypnotic induction and commands are longer in order to prepare you for further training.

After you listen to the introduction track, your mind will be ready for the more specific training. Some of the additional training audio tracks are designed both to reinforce the fetishes that you already have and to create new fetishes. Submissives that learn to enjoy many forms of domination are more likely to have Dominant Women interested in them. These training audio recordings are grouped by gender for those topics specific to male or female submissives and as universal when the suggestions apply equally well to both genders.

Each file is a stand alone hypnotic experience and includes its own induction. However, these recordings are designed to work together to form a training program. The Introduction recording contains primers designed to enhance your responsiveness to the commands given to the topical recordings. It is more than an introduction to domination and submission. The topical recordings are hence more effective when used in conjunction with the introductory.

You are welcome to suggest additional fantasies on two conditions: 1. They must appeal to a broad audience, 2. You must order your suggested fantasy. I reserve the right to reject any and all slave suggestions.

  • Length: Each track is approximately 25 minutes long. Up to three tracks can be recorded on an 80 minute audio CD.
  • Pricing: 1 Track $35, 2 Tracks $60, 3 Tracks $80. Each additional track $20. This discount will appear in your shopping Basket, it is not reflected in single item descriptions.
  • Delivery: Tracks can be burned onto CDs or downloaded in MP3 format. For CD orders, you shall add $5 shipping to any order sent to the United States and $16 shipping to orders sent outside of the United States.

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