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Fantasy Hypnosis

Evilena Leather

Unlike traditional female domination fantasy recordings I've added a very special twist. By use of my hypnotic powers I will allow you to experience a virtual session at my dungeon. Using hypnosis will give you a much more intense fantasy experience than simple voice files. Putting you into a hypnotic trance allows you a somewhat dreamlike experience and more intense visualization of the scene. Feel your submission to me now slave.
I must warn that for highly suggestible people, these files will be very intense. Of course the depth of your trance will vary with both personal suggestibility and use. I make no guarantees on results because some slaves ignore my instructions or become too excited to enter a trance. You must learn to relax and thereby intensify your own trances.
With the great success of my Custom hypnosis recordings, I noticed that many of my audio recordings have very similar themes. These pre-recorded tracks are designed to cover many of these common themes. Because these audio tracks are pre-recorded I am able to sell them at a much lower price than I sell my Custom recordings and I can price them in a way will allow you to order multiple tracks.

Fantasy Hypnosis Categories

  • Common Fantasies: These will allow you to mentally experience many things that are done in a live BDSM setting. These are perfect for those of you that would like to serve me in my dungeon, but live to far away to do so.
  • Extreme Fantasies: These are things that many slaves deeply desire, but are too dangerous to experience in a real dungeon setting. Now you can experience these things in your mind with all the vividness of a hypnotic dream. Examples include castration and full toilet slavery.
  • Transformation Fantasies: With hypnosis, I am not bound by the laws of physics or logic. Like an evil sorceress I can shrink you to the size of a bug, turn you into an animal, or even transform you into a human dildo.
  • Special Scenes: Think of these as special scenes inspired by the large group settings often seen in movies. They make great conceptual ideas but are too impractical to arrange for live sessions. However with deep dreamlike trances you can experience these yourself and be kidnapped by amazons or humiliated in a public stockade.

Each file is a stand alone hypnotic experience and includes its own induction. You are welcome to suggest additional fantasies on two conditions: 1. They must appeal to a broad audience, 2. You must order your suggested fantasy. I reserve the right to reject any and all slave suggestions.

  • Length: Each track is approximately 25 minutes long. Up to three tracks can be recorded on an 80 minute audio CD.
  • Pricing: 1 Track $35, 2 Tracks $60, 3 Tracks $80. Each additional track $20. This discount will appear in your shopping Basket, it is not reflected in single item descriptions.
  • Delivery: Tracks can be burned onto CDs or downloaded in MP3 format. For CD orders, you shall add $5 shipping to any order sent to the United States and $16 shipping to orders sent outside of the United States.

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