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Hypnosis Video

Deepening Submission

Description: This video is focused entirely on hypnosubmission and will allow you to feel my deep hypnotic power.
First, I use a slow sensual induction commanding you to gaze deeply into my eyes. You are commanded to mouth the words "I surrender" as you give in to my seductive power sinking deeper and deeper into trance as you do. In addition I have used a background that alternates at the same frequency as the theta waves your brain produces in hypnotic trance. I found myself struggling to remain conscious while producing this video so I know you will be quickly lulled into submission.
Once you surrender, I transform you into a witless automaton under my complete control. Control so deep, you will feel helpless as a baby as I force your to wriggle and writhe uncontrollably. Then I freeze you in place and limit your senses as I begin to dominate your mind. You will feel a need to pledge yourself to me with total devotion and absolute loyalty using the mantra "I belong to you I am your slave." Once you are mine, I want to be sure that you continue to feel my presence, my power and control even after awakening. You are given some very sexy triggers to remind you that you are always under my control. You will feel my presence whenever you strip, and when you feel stressed you will turn to me for comfort and relaxation by watching this video.
You are also trained to feel great pride in belonging to me and to display this pride whenever and wherever appropriate. You are commanded to post on fetish message boards "Evilena is my goddess I am her slave" and link to my site to show the world you belong to me. This also brings me pleasure as a display of my control over you and pleasing me has become one of your essential needs. As a last display of power I command you to feel a buildup in arousal for 5 minutes after you awaken. During this time you will be helplessly bound to your building desire that will culminate in intense orgasm.
Epilepsy Warning: This video contains a flashing background set to the theta wave frequency of your brain. Flashing videos like flashing lights, may cause seizures in certain individuals ie epileptics.

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