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Dreams Of Evilena

Description: This video is especially designed for those who must serve me remotely because I train you to serve me in your dreams. I combine my hypnotic powers with a mesmerizing backdrop while using a crystal wand to entrance you. All together this creates a powerful trance-inducing effect. Once I have you deep in trance I let you open your eyes and direct your attention to the kinky scenes appearing above me. I use these ethereal visions to inspire and mold your dreams at their very origin. All the while training you to dream about serving me each and every night.
Dreams of Evilena is designed to reward all your accomplishments in submission and self improvement. When you please me or experience success of any kind you are rewarded with your most erotic dreams of servitude. I command your subconscious mind to reward or punish you both in accordance with your behavior as my slave and with respect to your personal failures or successes. You will be conditioned to serve me in your dreams. Conditioned to remember these dreams and experience them more intensely. You will be Conditioned to have lucidity in your dreams that will make them feel more like a live session.
By rewarding your achievements and obedience I can motivate you to become the perfect slave. Inspiring you to prosper while serving me dutifully. When you do well, your dreams of submission will be both intensely erotic and pleasurable. Plus when you experience your servitude in dream form, anything is possible. You may serve me in any conceivable manner, no matter how fanciful when you dream.
Dreams of Evilena will be most potent when paired with Nightmares of Evilena which emphasizes punishment for misbehavior or failure. Used in tandem these videos provide powerful slave training and self motivation. Dreams and Nightmares of Evilena work in concert to deepen your enslavement to me, curb misbehavior and motivate you towards greater success in all your endeavors. All because I program your subconscious to use your dreams for servitude.
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