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Lick MY Boot

As a creative mistress my interests are diverse. These include but are by no means limited to the following: Dominance and Submission(D&S), Bondage and Discipline(B&D), Sadomasochism, Humiliation, Hypnodomination, Forced Feminization, Watersports, CBT, Fetishes, Trampling, Pony Play, Ritualism, Roleplay and Cosplay. Of course traditional activities like Corporal Punishment, and Foot Worship are also included. I prefer a gothic aesthetic so I most closely identify with the female villain or femme fatale found in Science Fiction, Anime and Video games but I also enjoy exploring more traditional bitchy imagery. Obviously my domination style varies depending on the nature of the scene. Since I am highly creative I tend to be fairly open minded with respect to my scenes and I permit my submissives to contribute their own ideas or suggestions. I‘ve found that slaves can often come up great ideas for scenes or find interesting bondage positions etc.

Unlike the pretenders I do not stick to rigid stereotypes and I have many unique skills and talents I use for domination. My best known skill is of course hypnosis and I use it extensively for both live session and distance training with audio and video recordings. I use hypnosis for so many things it‘s hard to describe them all. Many of my hypnodomination techniques involve either fantasy visualization, mind body communication, sensory manipulation or some kind of behavior modification. I believe I have by far the largest selection of hypnosis recordings and videos offered by any individual mistress. In my mind these only scratch the surface because the human imagination is limitless and hypnosis provides a powerful means with which to explore it.

I am also athletic so not only can I physically overpower most men but I am skilled in Muay Thai kickboxing. This is not something stupid like cardio kickboxing, you will feel it when my foot crashes into your flesh. I enjoy using these skills for inflicting punishment and must add overpowering men is just plain fun. I‘ve been into muay thai kickboxing since 1998 so my control over punches and kicks is excellent. I most often use my kickboxing skills for human target practice or ball busting. I also enjoy jiu jitsu and will often use simple wrestling holds to restrain submissives. Even if I just use a head lock to pull you around or leg scissors to hold you in place I find such physical displays empowering. Of course I also offer wrestling sessions in addition to just placing you in different holds.

I am inventive and open minded so if there is a fetish or BDSM activity I have not listed feel free ask. This is not intended to be a comprehensive laundry list just an overview of some of my favorite activities. I am well versed in most aspects of BDSM.


Sensory Domination


Human Furniture: foot stool, throne, rug, statue

Water sports: GS, spitting

Bondage: Rope, Chain, Metal, Latex, Mummification


Feminization: cross dressing from lingerie to full dress, corsets and training

Coropral Punishment: from light to severe

Martial Arts: boxing, kick boxing and semi competitive Wrestling(jiu jitsu)

Slapping and physical restraint(like leg scissors)

CBT and Ball Busting

Nipple Torture

Accupuncture Needles

Electrotorture: E-stim or violet wand

Trampling: barefoot stocking or heels

Ritualism including Blasphemy Fetish and ritualized Goddess Worship

Temperature Play: wax or ice

Human Animals: pony, piggy puppy, kitty and others. If I say toad you hop!

High Heel or Boot Fetish

Spanking: Over the Knee, bare handed or paddling

Role Play: interrogation scenes, runaway slaves, queen and servant, cosplay, age play, teacher and student etc, ask well in advance role-play takes more planning than most scenes.

Foot Fetish including foot worship, face crushing and foot stool servitude, stockings or bare, dirty upon request

Sploshing or Wet and Messy

Fetishes: smoking, armpit worship, shaving, muscle worship etc.


Although my interests are broad, there are things I don‘t enjoy and won‘t do. My limits include switch or submissive sessions, severe medical scenes i.e. catheters, sutures, anything intervenous eg saline infusions. Any scenes involving fecal matter are also forbidden, as an ex biologist I just can‘t watch slaves play with shit. Activities I feel are unsafe or would pose a liability risk will not be permitted. There is no nudity on my part, no intimate worship and sexual servicing of any kind is obviously forbidden! If you want sex or anything ending in the word job just leave now. It should also go without saying that criminal activities such as anything involving animals or children are absolutely forbidden.

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